Our History


Join us in No Man’s Land

We are a small farm/ranch operation in the middle of what used to be “No Man’s Land”. Up until 1890 it was the home of outlaws, nomadic Indians, buffalo, cattle drivers, and Longhorn cattle coming north from Texas, no settlers.
Our family has been blessed into the 6th generation by living on “Golden Hill’, a place where you can see beautiful sunrises and sunsets, only made more beautiful by the silhouette of Longhorn cattle on the horizon. 

2022 “Drastic Changes”

As the irrigation well was turned into a stock well and most of the commercial cattle was being sold due to the drought, the family decided to go back full circle and bring the Longhorns back to our place. Survivors! That is what our ancestors and the Longhorns are.

Our Cattle

We have recently purchased cattle from California, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Kansas, with more states surely to be added to this list. We have been to sales and ranches as well as scoured the internet for quality cattle to add to our herd.

Our Dewar contains semen from some twisty horned bulls as well as many of the 90” + bulls. We are going to ride the coattails of the many that have spent years developing and preserving Longhorn genetics through our AI and selection of seed stock.

We have already met so many great people on this journey. For all of you we are grateful! We thank all our friends and breeders for your help with our future in the Longhorn world.